Okay from now on no signing whatsoever in songs, i can't sing, at all.

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Rainbow was a filly, flying and gay,
When suddenly a huge truck charging her way,
She hit that truck with a force of 1000 Newtons,
Broke so many bones, driver needs a retribution.

She lay on a cloud in a mangled mess,
Turns out the driver failed his driving test,
Rainbow blood was splattered over the front,
The audience said aloud: "Wow, what a cunt".

But the people saw the rainbow blood over here
And then they all said: "I've got an idea!"
They bottled up the blood in little pot
and sold it to Celestia in exchange for her plot.

Celestia used it to dye her hair,
And also on her coat and underwear,
She stepped outside on 15th of July and said
"I'm a fucking rainbow, you're all gonna die!!"

Ohh oh Rainbow's blood,
It's the product of the month.
Ohh oh Rainbow's blood,
Go out and buy it, you big cunt.

Rainbow was rushed to hospital,
Not that anyone cared at all,
They put her on a bed and took out a saw
And another and another and a- gimme some more!

Doctor all prepped, he aimed for the wing
He took a slice through, Dash started to sing,
But it was more like screaming and she screamed "Fuck dick!"
Doctor just stopped: "We forgot the anesthetic!"

Her friends ran in to a sight to see,
Applejack threw up, Pinkie giggled with glee,
Fluttershy had run away, Rarity had fainted,
Twilight had the oddest feeling she was constipated.

Doctor turned around and said "Almost done,
but not until I'm finished having so much fun!"
Celestia crashed, into doctor she bashed:
"I need more of your blood, Rainbow Dash!"


(51% square solo)


whats so special about this blood of a rainbow ?
i mean its quite a diffucilt thing to explain so
i would like to tell you about the quality
of this oddity even though rainbow delivers modesty

its quite a special item you'll find
it grants you power in body and mind
i can show you all the things it does
it crushes your fears done and raises your hopes up

now i'm not saying i have ever tried it but
i might of suckled on one of rainbow's cuts
and then i beelive i could truly fly
fly off a cliiff through the air and thats why

i'm constanplating trying some more
even if that means alot more blood and gore
but its worth just for the feeling
even if it means a lot more keelings

My life is ruined!