Special thanks to MegglesKisses(Slurpee Horse) for the vocals:

Wanted to try some future bass/hhc fusion for Balloon Party 4 this time around.
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BPM: 170

Download Balloon Party 4:

Thanks to Lavender Harmony and Silva for putting this together and accepting this track, Lav for mastering as well.

Together we are broken
Oh I thought that this could be heaven
We had to be strong, we had to be strong for this

And now we're at a crossroads
Oh, we could keep moving on
Or take another pathway

It's your life after all, my dear
Don't you worry 'bout a thing
We'll end this pain and suffering

Just trust your heart, and don't you cry, my dear
Undo the sorrow that we've strewn
'Cuz darling now
Now we're at a crossroads
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