This started in a call with two good friends of mine.
made with my new template for fl harhar :D
I just had to put a breakbeat part into it, i think it fits nicely ^.^
Tried to master it by myself o.o
Applejack's voice sound like a bob-omb from "Super Mario 64" don't you think? :D
intentionally i wanted to create a more mystical atmosphere than a dark one, since i think it suits better to the Everfree Forest..... in daylight at least....hehehehe
Just type in 0$ on bandcamp to download it for free, however you could also donate if you want that.
Hope you'll enjoy it

This beautiful art was made by Bloo-Ocean, whom you can find here:

My Facebook Page:




Oh my gosh a post on EQD:

PS: the lead was made with 3xOSC omfg.