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A hymn of praise sung by the citizens of Equestria. Since time immemorial, the world had existed in a constant state of upheaval under Discord's control. Then, the two great sisters, Luna and Celestia, appeared with the elements of harmony and remade the world, establishing order and the cycle of day and night. They remain the upholders of harmony and the symbols of a world in balance, prompting songs such as this from the eternally grateful ponies under their benevolent rule.
It was always very loud back then
A great agitation issued from the ground itself,
Rising into the air and filling all with discontent and worry
Beneath us stretched a mad landscape of spots and checkers
Above twisted a kaleidoscope sky
And all between was ceaseless, unbroken chaos
Eventually, we grew callous to the clamor
And slipped from anxiety into malaise
Shedding our passion and our purpose

It was thus that the two great sisters found us

From somewhere beyond the horizon, they came
Seeing beauty amidst the bedlam,
They took up our sad world between them and tamed it,
Bending it to their will

And when the earth was ready, they looked to the sky
And there, gave us their greatest gifts:
The sun to light the day, and the moon to keep watch in the night
A celestial dance to order our moments;
The slow heartbeat of our world
Two forces in perfect balance
This is our foundation; from this, all else follows

Dawn breaks through the darkened skies
We lift our heads and dry our eyes
When day is done, we're doubly blessed
With starry sky and moon for rest
No longer bound to hopelessness
We dance as one with nature now
The sun and moon will show us how

Restless was the world we knew
And cheerless were the days
Of colors run together
In an endless mirror maze
But then two sisters brought us
Out of Discord's dark caprice
And gave us lights to guide us
Into harmony and peace

Day for rising; night for sleep
As in heaven, so below
Chaos banish; order keep
Ever may it thusly go

Memories are fading now
The fog begins to thin
The dreamer is awakened
Life can begin
And all that's past is preface
To the story of today
Now that harmony has come
And driven dissonance away

Day for rising; night for sleep
As in heaven, so below
Chaos banish; order keep
Ever may it thusly go

Perfect cosmic symmetry
Sisters of the moon and sun
Cornerstone of harmony
Never let it be undone

Day for rising; night for sleep
Chaos banish; order keep
Choir - Christina Larson, Dane Larson, Erik Larson, Jacqui Larson
Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Narration - Dane Larson
Cover Art: