Alright guys, it's been a while, but this is my newest song. TOM.

First and foremost, this song was featured on the Faithful and Strong charity album, so you guys should really go check it out and donate if you'd like, they are doing this for an amazing cause, and there may be perks, as well! ;)


Please, feel free to Donate if you wish!
(It really helps me out, in order to purchase new instruments for composing, so I can release more content for you all!) ^.^

Soooo, you might be able to guess the inspiration, but it was my first attempt at the industrial feel, or rather, those powerful percussive hits. I hope you guys enjoy, I think it turned out okay, and there's always a big room for improvement.

I'll be sure to keep my next production a lot more balanced, if that ever occurs to you guys as an issue, sorry!

This wonderful original album art was made by Vexx, who's work can be found here!

.. and the super awesome visualizer was made by LFP, who can be found over here!