Here is my submission for Derpy's Wings III. The prompt was to write a heartwarming lullaby, which hopefully I have accomplished.

It didn't turn out to be all that different from what I usually make (which was the idea behind the prompts), so I contented myself on trying new things in terms of production. For this song I tried stereo widening, EQing, and a new compressor. The changes they made were mostly subtle but I look forward to experimenting more with them. You may also notice that it's a slightly different string library; it's a condensed version of my main one. I figured that if I spent the money I might as well use it somehow.

The B section is not the greatest I ever made, but it was more difficult than I thought to come up with something that felt natural while still contrasting the main theme.

Cover art is thanks to

You can download this song and many others here:
This was made with Cubase 7.5 and Kontakt 5.