With a big concert prepared later that night, Octavia and a friend warm up earlier that day with a song that turns into a friendly little competition...

Last year I made Octavia's Evening Waltz with the idea that, since there is one for evening, there would also be one for the morning. I even drafted about a minute's worth of music but then dropped it for whatever reason. It seemed like a small enough project so I decided to go back and finish it, even though I've sort of already met my annual waltz quota.

The violin you hear is Embertone's Friedlander, which I've used in several other pieces, but something I'm still getting used to. It offers a lot of control for the composer, but that also means a lot of responsibility and troubleshooting. I did my best to make it as authentic sound as I know how.

Octavia's Evening Waltz:

Cover art is all thanks to cyanaeolin.deviantart.com

Download (free or pay what you want):
Soundcloud version:
This was made with Cubase 7.5 and Kontakt 5.

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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/callenby