So this is a collaboration between SandvichParty and I. He's a wonderfully talented instrumentalist and he did all of the instrumentation for this song! You can find him over on his youtube channel! GO GIVE HIM YOUR LOVE AND TOLERANCE NOW!!!

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Lyrics By : Coconeru
Instrumentation By : SandvichParty
Artwork done by : My little sister!

Notes: The Pegasi choir was just me and my little sister having fun making different voices XD. The Vocals are a bit loud in this but I have fixed them in the Download to be more even with the instrumental :D

Everyday I wake up early in the mornin'
Say hello to the yellow sun
Birds are singing
And it looks like this day has begun

Roll out of bed even though it feels so nice and warm
Gotta fly right off to work
Before those clouds do cause a storm

Kickin' clouds out of the sky
Wind breezing past me as I fly
Through that endless blue
With all those little spots of white

Along side all my pegasi
We clear out out all the gloomy skies
We try our hardest every day
To keep those clouds away

Pegasi Choir X2
Left Right Left Right
Up down up down
Kick Buck Kick buck
Swoop up swirl down

I'm flyin' Through the sky
(Soarin through the sky)
and I feel so fine

I'm flying through the skies I've wandered
all my life, since I was young
And I'll always know I'll be at home
Right here till all my days are done

I'm soarin', I'm swoopin', Im sailin', I'm swirlin'
I'm Driftin', I'm Glidin', I'm hoverin', I'm Twirlin'
I'm cruisin, I'm breezin', I'm risin' and fallin', I'm floatin', I'm flutterin, I'm flyin'
I love this sensation