Uploaded on Jul 20, 2011
First song I've produced for the MLP racing project (we haven't decided on a name yet, for now it's Zero Race). Read about it here!
MP3 Download: tindeck.com/listen/jmet

Set in the rolling hills of Sweet Apple Acres, the track lined with fences and bales of hay. An easy country stroll, at 110mph.
I looped the track once, it seems to loop well. The older version was set at 120bpm, this one is 128bpm. Any faster and the samples start to bleed into eachother and the song doesn't have the same charm I feel.

Cubase, Kontakt VST. EWQL Ra (for the banjo and guitar), Cinematic Guitars for the percussion/instrumental backup, and EWQL Aerosmith drumloops. Track was 5 midi tracks, made in about 3 hours.