FIX! This song used to be called Under The Surface, but then I changed it to The Surface, so when I posted this I mistitled it with the original name. Whoops! Ignore the slightly wrong video.

This is yet another upload from Building Better Worlds, and probably one of my favorite projects that came from that album. It's dark, it's rocky, and just a little evil. Those qualities are appropriate I suppose, considering this is a song I wrote about my Discord headcanon. It's his "psychopathic demigod" side that we haven't seen in the show, but I like to write about. For the first time, I must warn you. This song contains explicit language!

Halfway through writing I realized the song could be made even better by recording with GatoPaint, a very talented guitarist and overall musician. Enjoy his music here, and enjoy it on his channel!

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I can smell your fear
So far away from the chaos here
I can see your life counting down (down and down and)
Here I am to play
A quick, sick, game to ruin your useless days
As I wear my cursed crown

I'm justice served
What you deserve
You've been selected, and it's judgement day
I've called your name
Come and play my game
It's time for chaos to take its place
You scream you cry, you tell your lies
And say you don't deserve this
But I'm a time bomb
With just one purpose
Under the surface

I can hurt you more
Than anything the cruel world has in store
I'm a psycho with the power to play God
You're my victim now
I'm a fucking supervillian, and you can't take me down
I'm a force they call the strange, insane, uncanny and odd

And there's a small fine line
Between my sensitive side
And what a monster I am
Now you're part of my master plan
There's nothing you can do
You can't escape the shit I'll put you through
To destroy is my one true purpose
I keep it hidden under the surface