At long last, after over a year in production, From All Sides is complete. My longest-running and biggest project to date, From All Sides is an album about fighting our own thoughts and inner demons. It's about the darkness within every soul, and the mental battles we fight against ourselves every day. The album is dark, yet has lighthearted moments that bring redemption to the despair of the more hopeless tracks.

This track, Heroes, is the closer to the album, and is among the most epic of pieces I've done. Joining me on the track is Bronyfied with his amazing guitar work, present in my music often since One Last Letter. The song is the only specifically brony-themed song on the album, as it is a song about the transformation the mane 6 have gone through from being ordinary ponies to the heroes they have become thanks to the Elements of Harmony, and their strong friendships. The song is about a final stand, a battle cry as they join together determined to beat the odds and stand against any villain, force, or darkness that they must face. I envisioned Discord as the opponent for this piece, but it's written with an open concept.


Check out the full album, full of brand new tracks:


The battle ends tonight
It's time to fight our fight
Hoping somehow we'll have the courage to be the
Light in the darkest hour
When things are turning sour
Blind hope is worthless if we all we do is
Wage our wars and fight in vain
Suffer all this worthless pain
We've got to answer a cry for help
The world won't save itself

We can be the heroes, we can dare to save the day
Standing up to those still in our way
With courage we'll keep fighting for
The search we're on for something more
Pushing through until the war is won
We can be the heroes we've become

Too late to be afraid
Now we can't run away
We've got to hold fast and embrace the strength we've
Found in our time of doubt
Somehow we'll make it out
We'll find out who we really are
Tonight we're never going down
It's far too late to turn back now
Not afraid of the perilous
Oh no, we were born for this

Now we'll make it out
We'll stick together and get through this storm somehow
It's too late to back down and run
Hope is gone, but harmony's strong
We've had the power in us all along
To embrace the heroes that we've become