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3 years in the making, I'm proud to finally give you the first single from my final ever pony album, Come Alive! Please support me and click the link above to get yourself a copy! Thank you for the longtime support!

Special thanks to Odyssey for the vocals, and Winter Moose for the guitars!

Cover art by Shnider


I know it's so much easier to stay, or get up and walk away, than to put yourself into the ground
I know you're better than to give up here, or to give into the fear, when the music is going loud
I've seen the way you say it with your eyes, and the atmosphere complies, as the rhythm invades the floor
So go and if you think of it at all, then you're thinking 'bout it wrong, all you know is that you want...

To see the floor come alive when you want it
The beat is hard and you know that you want it
Any other day, all you do is survive
But now that you're here,
I can see you
Come alive