The dawn of a new era -- the sun's radiance lights the path now set ablaze.
A glorious empress rises above all, ordering the legion onward, onward to victory and onward to a greater future.
Her wings encompass all, save the very sun which illuminates all previously rendered in darkness; all is brought to light.
Without fear, we march forward.
Dawn of a new day, infinity remains.

Goodness, this was another close call.
YES, yes I know the reverb is crazy this time around, but I've been working on it for the entire afternoon, so I'm too tired to keep messing with it.
Besides, I've been longing to make something formidable for The Solar Empire, and, it is.
Is it better than Eclipsed? Probably not.
I'm a bit disappointed in myself, but...
Even so, I hope you enjoy =3


Download link:

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