Okay guys, I promised you I'm not dead! Here's my song for Rainbow and Rooted - I did some more complextro this time around, and this time I teamed up with Insanefoo to bring you one doozy of a track! I sorta had a deadline looming over me with this one, so it's not the best mixing / construction wise(especially the chorus), But I'm sure you guys won't be as critical as I am!

This song is about Photo Finish, and how she's loosing creativity and doesn't know what to do anymore.

This song isn't on Rainbow and Rooted sadly, but you can go ahead and download this mp3 here:

For audiophiles, here's a wav:

And if you want to acapella to remix it, here you go(But lemme know you remixed it, I wanna hear~):

Also go get the album since it's for a great cause!:
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I don't know what to do
No longer in my prime
I'm running out of time
To show the whole world I can do what it takes
For my legacy's at stake
I don't want to be replaced
I don't foresee the status quo
Allowing me to stay
Perhaps I will take their advice
And quietly fade away
I cannot compete in this scene anymore
There's too many ponies with hooves in the door
My inspiration is gone
There's nothing left for me

I refuse to go out like this
I will not be left to the abyss
A shadow of what I used to be
Will not remain my only memory
Its not about fame anymore
The public's opinion has shaken my core
I need to prove to myself I'm not history
But what can I do to recapture my glory
My time's running out to finish the story
I've got to find one last surprise
To raise my spirits to the skies
I don't think I can take more failures
I desperately need them to be my saviors
These Ponyville girls seem up to snuff
I only hope it will be enough...


I feel as if I need an explanation to my lack of music the past year:

I got new studio monitors, I had to "relearn" how to mix, so my songs should sound a lot better mixing-wise now. On top of that I had to finish up school, and In the middle of everything I got a 40 hour a week job. It's been pretty hard juggling everything, but I finally think I handled to get everything managed. With the arrival of my new producing laptop and me headed off to college in a few months for music, I'm sure you guys will hear tons of new tracks from me fandom or not!

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