This one goes for our favourite farmer pony Applejack and the backstory about her parents.
The moral of this story is really simple: Work hard and be strong, because there is always someone depending on you. But never forget the ones who loved you, even though life seems to get harder day by day.

About the song now, I'm satisfied with the final result, I really am, and this is very rare let me tell ya since I always have something to complain about my work.

Also, you CANNOT IMAGINE the hard, really really HARD work I put on the instrumental part of the song at the end, so hope you guys reach that part and leave your opinions on the comments c:


Oh, little A.J.
looking at the clouds you see their faces
Awake but dreaming
You can hear a voice calling your name

Cheerful smiles and sunny days
when life was a simple game

Apple of my eye come here
let me wipe away your fear

Oh, little A.J.
summer apple tree, dew of the morning
Oh little A.J.
be honest with yourself
don't hide and cry

In this crazy world one thing is sure
You know that we care for you

Apple of my eye come here
let me wipe away your fear

Oh, by the way, the mind behind those massive, beautiful, deep and lovely Applejack eyes is the talented The1Xeno1. Check the original on his dA page the1xeno1.deviantart.c...


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Thank you guys. Love you all..