Party With Pinkie Version:
Smile Version:

Sonic and Blaze has defeated Eggman and Eggman Nega and restored peace to Sonic's world and the Sol Dimension. Meanwhile the two Eggmen prepares for their revenge on the two by making another Egg Salamander. The two of them completed it until the engines fired up and Eggman ran to the front of the ship and saw Pinkie Pie in it. He tried to stop her but she flew away just in time. Pinkie was messing around with the buttons but what she did not know is that the 2nd Egg Salamander shoots twice the laser beams, deploys mines and shoots homing rockets with twice the blast. She showed it to everypony in Equestria until things got out of control because she presssed a button that shoots lasers. That's where Rainbow Dash and Twilight team up with Blaze and Sonic to rescue Pinkie and destroy the 2nd Egg Salamander.

Original by Alex S.:

MLP by Hasbro
Sonic Rush by SEGAA