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I had to release this earlier than I wanted. Because Maria told me to do it.
Anyway this is a double debut! It's not only my first original pony vocal track but also my first brony collaboration. And the most amazing Giggly Maria did a wonderful job at the vocals!

Seriously, even if I have written this song I don't have the faintest idea what it is about. I just felt like doing some depressive trance. :D

Written and produced by Johannes "JayB" Berthold.
Vocal performance by Giggly Maria:
Additional consultation: FrozenSound (Thank you man!)

Wallpaper by Sour Lemonade:

Remix pack:



A heavy cloud is tracing me since I'm here
The shadow it casts touches everything I can see
It seems that it takes all bright colours from this world
To leave it in grey, my vision is blurred

Some hours have passed, the sun should be setting now
I cannot walk on, and fall to the ground
I keep looking up in search for a ray of light
Now stop to pretend! There's nothing to find.

I'm waiting for the rain
To flood this land and drench my mane
I can feel it running down my skin
So open up the gates
Just let it out, don't hesitate
And take the last hope that I kept.

The obligatory JayB hardware synth information:
Yamaha AN1x: glassy plucks
Yamaha S80: the really dirty FM bass
Yamaha PLG150-AN: the deep saw bass
Korg X5D: sparkling pads
Roland V-Synth XT: reversed guitar pad
Quasimidi Sirius: pluck bass, squeeky synths, cymbals and percussion
Yamaha QY100: background action, strings

Software synths: Lennar Digital Sylenth 1, Korg M1, Korg Wavestation, LinPlug CronoX

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