- For music that can be considered nonpony music, I will be under the alias Feral Fox. 'Tis my stage name for nonpony music now.

Finally back to EDM owo. It's certainly been awhile since the last time I did a real electronic dance song. Love you all for the support and no I won't be using crazy autotuning like this often.


Download (MP3):

Genre: Complextro
Tempo: 130bpm
Key: E

Produced by Vylet Pony


I'm standing at the edge of the world
Preparing to end it all
Iridescent lustrous pearl
Is jeopardized, now its your turn to crawl

Partial divisions of a dream so serene
You have created the vexation of a fiend
Annihilation imminent with the changeling machine

I was born this way so there's nothing you can say
I'm leaving a blood red stain, it's compensation for the pain
Dystrophy defines my middle name
Changeling machine, just take it all away

I'm here to rule the world, so there's nothing you can say
I'm forced upon the jealousy of foreign bane
Fuck society and this stupid game


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All Music © Vylet Pony 2014
Artwork © Vylet Pony 201444