And... here we are.

It hasn't been a year yet, and I am honored to bring you a song to celebrate a number of subs I still really haven't grasped. In truth this number is irrelevant. You've all been very important to me since subscriber 1. But it's important to at least gauge where we started, and where we're at right now.

My good friend Koroshi-ya was right... you can have thousands of subs... but if you hardly get any views when you send something out (that doesn't get EQD), it shows the quality of the people that follow you.

When songs like "Keep Calm Daddy-O" and my Christmas song have 400-500 views... it really makes me smile. even if 100 of you are listening to them 4-5 times... it means a ton to me. I would take that over 1000 people viewing it once... and then moving on with their lives... XD

I'm going to try very hard this year to bring you more music. More collaborations... and work my hooves off to bring my lyrics and delivery to more of you who haven't heard me yet.

This year I'm going to BronyCon to perform live for the first time. If that's a success... I'm going to start performing at future cons.

Expect a MASSIVE compilation album (I.Am.Rhyme.Flow) out in the next month that has ALL of my EQD Featured Songs from 2012 to go on sale in Band Camp.

Finally, some notes on this song... Buffalo came to me with the original collaboration idea. I think I coined the name 'Elevation', and we wrote about our origin stories... and about how aspiring rappers should keep their head up and keep elevating their skills. I always come back to these lyrics for inspiration and to see my own origins. But the alternate meaning of Re-Elevate & Remember is to take a step back from this sometimes over-sized and stressful community and really try to think on why we do what we do.

It's a look back on 2010, when this fandom was just getting off the ground and guys were writing music for it... because they WANTED to. They knew they were a minority, and weren't looking for recognition. They just loved a show so much that they were INSPIRED TO CREATE MUSIC FOR IT.

So remember why you love this show, and with that feeling: re-elevate yourself.

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TL:DR - Thanks for the 1k subs. Let's keep going.

Original Beat & Chrous: Do You Remember by Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul & Lil' Jon
Visualizer by VINXIS
MC Flowny's New Cutie Mark by Tali Togisala