Well well well, look at this… over a year since my last song and only now I have managed to publicly release something. BUT HOLD ON! FIRST THINGS FIRST! 420+ Subscribers! Good lord, people, from the bottom of my heart I am eternally grateful for the support, comments and inspirations that has been generously provided, of course I wouldn’t still be trying here to make music if it wasn’t for everyone of you very fine people. Without over doing it, you are my true muse, inspiration and audience, I thank you. Of course, there are the other fellow musicians which with their wonderful skills have helped guide me and inspire me. But enough of the sap, LETS GO ON! :D

Nice and quick then, this piece, First Flight has been something that has been simmering under the lid for quite sometime now, and a surge of determination has allowed me to complete the hellish thing. It’s something a little different from what I am used to but I feel it bridges nicely between my early stuff and more recent items. I imagined how cool it might be to take that first flight as a young pegasus, and who more would be more fitting to focus on than Scootaloo! This ones for you kid! Anyhow, apologies for the crude animation and effects, but let me know what you think!

As an update, I am fortunate to be a part of the STABLE-TEC STUDIOS Music team, working for the greater good to produce, a very very very anticipated animated series of the spectacular Fallout Equestria story. Please please please show some support by (if you haven’t already) to the channel here:

Everyone there is doing a superb job with the hard task of animation and with the extra support they will do an even better one.

I’m still here, don’t worry, things will be happening soon I am sure!

Stay safe and enjoy!

Please support through band camp :D


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Special shoutout to Rolai, Skybolt..Thanks guys!