Special thanks to Otakuap for the artwork: fav.me/d5r26iz

After two months of working hard, recording, writing, re-recording, mixing, re-re-recording and so on, Scootablue, the third and last installment of my small EP "Jazzie Mark Crusaders" is finally done! Every single instrument in this song is real, even the drums, which were recorded by a friend of J Carlson!

So here we go with how performances went:

J Carlson: Trumpet, Trombone and Bass
SaxBrony: Saxophone
TheRunner: Clarinet, Guitar and Melodica

I originally wanted this to be performed by a clarinet quartet, but then thought it would be cool if instead of that I got a couple of friends to help me make this come true. Carlson wrote the bassline, and all solos were improvs. I personally think it all sounds brilliant!

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