Well, it's finally here! The EP we've been talking about for months and months. Let's hope it was worth the wait!

Trying to finish this EP while balancing school work and other collaborations and, well, life has been quite a challenge. We had originally hoped it would be finished by TrotCon, but that wasn't the case. At the last minute, we added on a collaboration with Silva Hound to the track list, and that, combined with my laziness with mixing No Fear's vocals, caused the release date to be pushed back a couple of weeks.

Special thanks to Nexgen, Odyssey, Silva Hound, MandoPony, KibbieTheGreat, GreenTintedGoggles, and Swedish Horse Mafia for being either being a part of the album-making process, or being bombarded with WIPs!


Download Link: knifepony.bandcamp.com...