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So, I've never actually read any of the Equestrian Wars fanfics, (or any MLP fanfic, for that matter) but I had this notion of an epic last stand taking place, right at a crucial moment. This served as the backdrop for this project.
I'm closer to the sounds I'm looking for, but still struggling to click into my intended profile. Hopefully, I'll get there soon. Or just give up and keep making aggressive trance...

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Do you see the sun on the horizon
Reflected on the comrades we've lost
Do you hear the march of roaring lions
Do you see them coming for us

Fight with me brothers, united and damned
This is the line, this is our final stand
Fight with me brothers, and keep your heads high
This is the the day, the day that we die

This is the day we die
This is the day we fall
This is our final song
I hear the Maiden's call
This is our final task
We face a blackened sky
The final guest unmasked
This is the day we die

Do you feel the trembling underneath us
Do you feel the chill of the abyss
Are you prepared to sell your lives dearly
Ten of them for one of us