DOWNLOAD: didn't really think I'd make music for the Wonderbolts, but not the Shadowbolts, didya? ;)

Lemme just say this right off the bat -- I love this tune. I'm pretty dang proud of it, and I think it captures the essence of what I love about the Shadowbolts fairly well. I really hope you guys like this song. I think you'll get a kick out of it, anyways! And yes, there is much more coming soon... so keep your ears open and your eyes on the skies, and remember to always tread in shadow....

MLP FIM & all related characters by: Hasbro / DHX Media / Lauren Faust
Music composed by: MandoPony

Composed in Cubase 6 using Session Strings by Native-Instruments, Addictive Drums (with the Metal addpak) by XLN Audio, and Evolve from Native-Instruments and Heavyocity.