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Title: The Sameling (Steven, A. D. Cover) - Jeff Burgess

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My new album "Horse Friend" is now available!!! jsburgh.bandcamp.com/a...

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A cover of this: www.youtube.com/watch?...

So. I don't normally do covers. I made an exception in this case for what I felt was an example of excellence in composition by my buddy Steven, A.D. So a little tribute to him, here's "The Sameling!"

I made some minor alterations, because I feel a cover of a song should be more than just karaoke.

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COMPOSITION: Steven, A.D. (www.youtube.com/user/S...
SINGING: Me, duh.
ARTWORK: sandwichdelta.devianta...

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- bandcamp: jsburgh.bandcamp.com
- twitter: www.twitter.com/jsburgh
- personal blog: jsburgh.tumblr.com/

★ lyrics ★
Now I know it's hard to see
Just how I feel
When change is here to stay.

But I beg of you, don't leave
I am real
And that won't go away.

I live out here and my life is fake
But there's a growing dream that I can't shake
You'd see who I am behind the facade
But I'd probably make you scream "my god".

I don't want that but I'm out of place.
The thought of the terror there on your face-
My hooves turn to stone and my tongue to steel
Each time I try to make the reveal.

But I love your voice and I love your eyes,
And I hate who I am and I hate these lies.
Can't pretend that this is fine,
But the fate of the town is now on the line...

I'm just a changeling
Whatever fate brings
I'm just a changeling
That's what they're telling me.

I'm just a changeling
Whatever fate brings
I'm still the same I was
Born to make believe.

I'm just a changeling
Whatever fate brings
I'm just a changeling
That's what it's gonna be

I'm just a changeling
Whatever fate brings
I'm just the same I was
Born to make believe.

Believe believe believe believe believe...

Life drags on like I'm in hell
Even so,
Your smile's all I see...

Chryssy says I'm doing well...
But I don't know.
Is love just what I need?

I bide my time watch the day approach,
As the hive I knew will soon encroach...
This attitude is ambivalent
I hope- I pray they'll give, relent.

But Chryssy gets whatever she must
And the lonely bug is the one that's crushed
I can't be here when your heart is broken-
You always stop me now with those two words spoken:

"Don't leave." I don't wear sleeves,
But if I did, I guess that my heart would be
Freely attached, and left to yearn.
Now it's no return on 1 2 3 4


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