An 8bit cover to a great mix of a great song featuring a great rapper. Enjoy!

DL the8bitbrony.bandcamp....

Tombstone's Remix

Jackleapp and Mic's original

Art is PhantomBadger's work

(I edited the art to make it 8bit and titled)

Used with FL Studio 10

Featuring plugin: Harmless

I am a young little steed (13, don't worry I won't play Black Ops and make you angry), so I won't rap yet since my voice is DISGUSTING. I know how angry it will make superiors feel. Please subscribe for more, and I will post more vids when ever I can.

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This is a cover. so I have no rights to My Little Pony or Hasbro or its affiliates, or have rights to the original song by Jackleapp. Please don't sue me,