And stuff to come later!

I couldn't just upload a random "Coming Soon:" video, now could I? I couldn't resist doing that at the beginning of the video. XD

The songs will probably come out in the order I put them in the video. I had the original key for The Living Tombstone's Remix of Discord by Eurobeat Brony, but decided it was a bit too high. There will be a cover (probably done by me alone, probably closer to the original key than this), then a parody done by someone else and I. Can't release more info than that just yet. Transposing it was difficult because of the effectiveness of the bass (iirc Tombstone put a bass boost on his final mix or something like that), so I decided to add a sub bass one octave down to keep the effectiveness because putting it up in pitch made it too high, and putting it down in pitch put it under my gradual roll off for really low frequencies (if anyone cares).

The next two songs (Evil Enchantress, At the Gala covers) are coming along smoothly. Just need a guitar part for At the Gala and a guitar solo (can someone maybe do this for me with really good quality and as little effects on the guitar as possible? A "really cool effect" or EQ setting, etc. may sound good on its own, but I may need the sound to be extra raw so that I can make it fit. I would prefer authentic guitar amp effects over electronic plugins, though.). Pony Cannon needs some work, I've gone through dozens of plugins and samples, trying to find that sweet spot that'll make it great (something tells me that getting the REALLY low and the REALLY high sounds nailed down in the mix will do the trick). I'm trying to word this stuff in simple terms so that more people will understand.

Damn you, I can't have custom thumbnails yet. :/ Had to do the little thumbnail in the video trick.