Hi. I'm deadmare5 (pronounced dead mare 5. Just want to clear that up before, well, youtube comment wars).

I may decide to venture outside of the progressive house genre a bit, but I feel like the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic community has a lack of electronic music like this. If people really really want me to, I might just end up making hard sounding techno and dubstep songs (probably inevitable because of that One Trick Pony song by deadmau5).

I should be mixing this with snippets of Flutterwonder soon, which will probably also be created by scratch because the chords and their sounds in that song are way too similar to Strobe. The audio splicing from the episode won't be too hard, either. If I can do it, I'll probably even make my own melodies with Fluttershy's voice to even better fit Strobe.

I made this in Fruity Loops 10. I also primarily used the z3ta+ and Sytrus plugins for the sounds. The secret to making the chords of life (from z3ta+) sound like that is through distortion (Fruity Waveshaper). I may upload the .flp file eventually if it becomes more organized. Automation clips everywhere...

Just send me, well, something... anything... if you think you can do lead vocals. I primarily want female vocals that sound like someone from the show, or possibly male vocals if I really feel like they would work in a song.