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I will never start to fly
It's not worth it, why even try
All I know is suffering
Can't fly on my own two wings
I cannot be brave and strong
There is nowhere I belong
Your futile words don't ease the sting
Worthless are my own two wings

Gather your courage stand up strong show those ponies that you belong
in the sky flying free as high as can be cause deep inside of you
there are these qualities that you have yet to see
I know you fear those stares in a mass Quantity

Find that inner strength to push to greater lengths
forget the past close that door spread your wings your ment to soar
and bring a hurricane so you know they'll know your name
Fluttershy wipe your tears no need to cry

Maybe I can start to fly
It might be worth it, I should try
Take away this suffering
Gonna use my own two wings
Maybe I'll be brave and strong
Could be somewhere I belong
There might be something I can bring
If I can use my own two wings

We know deep inside you feel aggriavated aggitated
they steered you off course you've been wrongfully navigated
you hear the laughing and the teaseing your defense is activated
pleading them to stop then suddenly you drop

From the top of your flight it's a curse a plight
but you'll get that altitude with a better attitude
despite what they say make them rue the day
you might be shy and meak but prove your far from weak

Now I'm soaring in the sky
All I had to do was try
No more tears or suffering
Flying on my own two wings
I am finally brave and strong
Show the world that I belong
To the world, this song I'll sing
Soaring on my own two wings

Now here you are standing strong you proved that you belong
in the sky flying free no hiding in a tree
those shineing qualities everypony can see
this time it's a flight in a never faulting line

Thank princess celestia you fought those fears fought those tears
and proved to equestria a new day for you is here
thou your past was testin yah you proved em all wrong
now sing and rejoice in your glorious song