for Applejack


It's been a long year, you've missed a lot
Crops didn't grow so well
Must have been too hot

Nothing grows like they used to
When you were here

Except my little sister, you'd be so proud
She's got mama's eyes
That's why no tears are allowed

Even today

But nothing's the same
Nothing feels right
When you can't hold me close
And tell me good night

I'm trying my best just for you
But I've got some good friends
They always come through

I know you'd love them too
If you were here

It's getting late, I'll see you soon
Tomorrow night, when I look up at the moon

And I'll pray

Nothing's the same
Nothing feels right
But I will hold on
For at least one more night

My memories of you
I'll forever hold dear
Of a time long gone
When you were here


music & lyrics: mandopony