HAY ...Look ...i did a REMIX!!

This song inspired me so much ... i had to do a remix
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Song originally by HeyLasFas ... So ... Check him out www.youtube.com/user/H...

a link to his Bandcamp heylasfas.bandcamp.com/

I can't remember any insults they would say.
Or at least remember all the games that they would play.
Every night, it's getting harder to pull through.
I guess I'm broken.
Appreciation for anything I've done?
Do they really think this title is just fun?
When no one cares about what you say or do.
It leaves you broken.

Is this how it is?
My visions fading out...
Stifling gazes and distraught peers.
Unshorn fetlocks and streaming tears.
All of them making it impossible to chase away these fears!

I knew them well, and I can't tell
If I can stay awake much longer
Eventually, I'll see this through
Still I'm biding, I'm still trying
To live life like a broken lucid dream.

It's their decision; your final word's the top
Just want to find a way to make these voices stop.
I lost the trial without putting up a fight.
It left me broken.
A simple image that everyone would fear.
A broken soul who's mind just became clear.
To think that nothing you would ever do was right.
To know you're broken.

Is this how it is?
My visions coming clear...
I build it all up and they'll tear it apart.
Go all this way to arrive at the start
Throw her away with nothing left to mend a broken heart!

I knew you well, and I can't tell
If I will be asleep much longer
Eventually, yeah, You'll see it through
I beseech you, even as it kills me.
I'm done living broken lucid dreams.

I was just your little burden.

I knew her well, and I can tell
That She won't be awake much longer.
Eventually, they'll see this through
I'm through biding.
And I'm done trying.
The decision's made, as clear as day.
I'll just take their precious sun away.

Pathetic... and worthless. You stood back, and bided.
Can't help with (what) I've dealt with. This is my last regret.
Can't hide it. Can't fight it. Don't try to... deny it.
Can't do this. Can't do shit. It's over. I'm coming back.