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"No offense meant to the other vocal tunes in this but this one by PhonyBrony blows the others out of the water, fantastic song." - Mad_Hatters
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This song is about Princess Celestia telling Twilight Sparkle to feel better. Maybe you could use it yourself :/
And yeah, its a strange style but i hope you like it. :D

Well strangely enough, due to some miscommunication, the visuals were done by www.youtube.com/user/m... and not flare (no im not getting rid of him, its just this once) (hehe I asked for a picture and got a video ... :P)

But anyways!

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Hey, I heard your heart's been aching so
But i am here to let you know
The things you hold so close to you
Will help you make it through

If there's no hope left in your eyes
Dont tell yourself those lies
There are - things I hope will show
So dont you dare let go

And if your face is soaked with tears
Dont fall under your fears
Because I been through this before
You need not cry no more

Look at your hooves and you will see
So many things that you could be
There are - things I hope will show
So dont you dare let go

let go (echo) blah blah blah instrumental stuff