Daring Do was too awesome to NOT make a song about. So here is a tribute to her, an anthem shouting "never give up" and "never back down". Oh, and it features two of the most talented dudes on the planet. Yeah.


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This song can be found on my album "The Adventure":

Don't look back
It's too late
To turn back now
Push through
Daring do
You're gonna make it out
This time
You won't let the danger
overcome you

You know that everypony in this world still needs you
Daring Do don't back down or let evil defeat you

Don't turn around
When everything falls apart
Just don't back down
Keep running just look ahead
You might be losing but you're not dead
Hold on
Hold fast
Keep going
And never back down

Tied down
Look around
Danger everywhere
No one
In sight
The smell of adventure in the air
When it seems
Like your world
Has turned around
No one
Can stop you
So never back down

Obstacles are in front of and behind you
But this fear deep inside, you know it blinds you
Take a leap and we will catch you as you fall
You know with your courage you can overcome it all

Life can seem like it's a little bit rough
But the tough ponies never ever give up
Enough, I wouldn't be here if I sat and groaned
And moaned about the times I've felt alone
I grew a backbone and I told 'em all sup
And I made a promise to never ever give up
I'm a stroller, I don't need a clover for luck
High roller, gave Ahuizotl a buck
If you stand up life only just gets doper
Never give up and your cup runneth over
Not a moper, sober when I toss my frown
I continued moving up, never falling back down
And around this time I should say to you
That you should follow the lifestyle of Daring Do
I used to be just depressed and messed
Expressed to impress like a dang contest
Bang bang, I just rapped a couple'a audibles
Trust me when I say nothing is impossible