And another song is done! Seems to be my habit to put out a late fall single. Last year it was Just One Mare, which was a song that just randomly came to me during Statistics class. This one took a little coaxing, but I think it turned out pretty awesome.

It's a song about uncertainty. I'm over 21 and never been in a serious relationship before. I had this crush on a girl all through high school, but when I finally had the nerve to ask her she turned me down.

But now someone new has come along and I've wanted so bad to try again. Someone who I felt I've drawn close to, but when I was writing this, I never felt the time or words were right. It was those feelings that led me to write this song. A sort of desperation song, something that just might finally have the right words.

Thanks to Chatters for the song art! You can find her here:

And thanks to my favorite acoustic guitar man, Turquoise Splash:



Verse 1:
I can't tell you when it started in my mind
When my thoughts would drift to you from time to time
But now this feeling's getting worse
It's like I'm trapped under a curse
A caring hand upon this lonely heart of mine

straight into Verse 2:
She seems so close, but she's so far away
And I never feel that I can find the words to say
But I don't want to break this spell
Or let these feelings just dispell
But all that I can do is take things day by day

Can't you see
This feeling's killing me
The words I say are never right
I try and try most every night
So know
That I can't let this go
But I'm not ready for this love to start
I want the words to be as clear
As a crystal heart

Verse 3:
If she were e'r to say that she was mine
Then I would be there for her till the end of time
But I can't tell her in the end
That I want more than just a friend
That I'm just searching for some refuge or a sign

Cause it isn't like I haven't felt this way before
But all those feelings did was leave me broken on the floor
So now I'm fearing that this love will end the same
Standing alone, my tears mixing with the rain

I can't tell you when it started in my mind
When I wanted to be with her until the end of time...