this is the first though i had when i listened to the smile smile smile song, does that make me weird? probably.
Subrideophile = smile lover.

Lyrics, ( spelling mistakes and inaccurate)

ha i'm pinkie pie and i could make you smile
smile little child i will make it worth your while
cus i'm a maniac,Insaniac addicted to this feeling
the corners of your mouth outstretched are much more appeling

then they normally are, in a doward postition
with your permission i need your submission to feed my condition
cause i've prepared ammunition, a bullet magician
cus if you don't smile your the enemy and i kill all oppision

back when i was a child it wasen't easy to survive
my extistance was a miserablly excuse for a life
but as miracle happened and i was somehow reborn
a sudden explosion in the air and a rainbow was formed

now i felt a sudden feeling of joy,
and boy was this i toy i was going to rejoice
i spread this to ponies to make my life worth while
and then i was addicted to making you simle

now little child don't run and hide
i'm only trying to make you smile with the edge of my knife
now where are you little kitten come out have fun!
or atleast i think you will be when i'm done

oh there you are buddy or why are you sad?
i'm about to give you a feeling i think you've never had
your lucky kid think of this as a free trial
now don't run away come here and smile

what are you doing get thoose cuffs off me
i'm sorry your arrested we are with the police
what have i done i just want to make him smile
your arrested from attempting to kill this child

you know what i diddn't think i deserved this
yeah i killed many poeple but i think there taking the piss
i was trying to make them happy, trying to make them smile
and now i'm locked up for being a SUBRIDEOphile