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Bronies and Pegasisters, I have completed my very first EP. This is the title track "It's All Fanfic to Me" and the second track on the album, a remastered version of "Caramel's Light".


You can buy the album, or you can download each individual track for free (as long as I have download credits (EDIT: Out of credits, You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for downloading!!)). All the money I'm going to be earning on this will go towards getting myself to Everfree Northwest!

EDIT: Reserved my ticket! Still not entirely sure I can make it, but I did get a badge before they sold out! Thanks for all your support!

You can also check out an exclusive track on that album: an Acoustic version of my song "The Party Hasn't Ended" done by Forest Rain!

I wanted to write a song just saying that Fanfiction is just that: Fanfiction, and in the end, it's not about whether or not it fits within the cannon of the show, but whether or not you had a good time reading it! Took alot of inspiration from Relient K yet again. The ending of IAFTM is really an homage to "College Kids" which ends in the same chaotic way and leads straight into another song ("Trademark" Which the little melody within that section is based on :-P).

So here's the download for It's All Fanfic to Me: www.mediafire.com/?8h0...
You'll need to head over to bandcamp to pick up Caramel's Light!

It's All Fanfic to Me
Verse 1:
I love, to see, that story post on EqD
What could, it be, new worlds are waiting there for me
Because, this show's, fandom keeps things from getting slow
And now, I know, there are so many different
Places I can go

But I just cannot believe
That with all these brilliant stories
People find the time to rant and rage about
Grimdark fics, and shipping pics, and mary sue OCs
They ignore the fact that it's just a show
I just want to make them see
But I'm probably unique
'Cause it's all just fannon
It's all fanfic to me

Verse 2:
Whether, or not, Derpy Hooves is with foal or with the Doc
I'll stay on top, there's really no time left to stop
Each day, I read, and a good time's nearly guaranteed
But I, won't mislead, just grab a ponyfic to
Meet your fiction need

It doesn't really matter what it's rated or it's stars
I will go ahead and read it doesn't matter who you are
Just go and tell a story show just what could be in store
And then you'll leave them all begging for more

(One thing I really like to see)
(Is us fans just livin in harmony)
(But then that might make me to be)
(The one who caused the problem of this total animosity)
(We gotta keep the thing that makes us great)
(Just continue to love and tolerate)
(And then I hope you'll see)
Cause it's all just fannon
It's all fanfic to me

Caramel's Light
Verse 1:
Well there she goes again
Just like nopony can
And with her dragon by her side
She's always got a plan
It doesn't matter though
Because she'll never know
My one desire is to tell
Her that I love her so
Someday she might notice me

I just want the world to see
That I know we're meant to be
But I don't know what to say
How to tell you that I feel this way
Because you 'oughta know
No matter where you go
I'll be your shining knight
'Cause there's no time of day like twilight

Verse 2:
So this is where I stand
My hooves stuck in the sand
I'm sitting bored out of my mind
Right by my apple stand
I see her standing there
Across Ponyville square
Her mane is flowing through
Early evening autumn air
Crud, she's walking up to me!

Verse 3:
I don't know what to say
My mind's in dissaray
I hope I don't act like a fool
And then scare her away
So now she's standing here
I've never been so near
And now I see it in her eyes
It sits there crystal clear
I think she might just like me