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Title: Big-Ass Hat - Jeff Burgess

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My new album "Horse Friend" is now available!!! jsburgh.bandcamp.com/a...

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Someone said to make this on skype at 1 AM. I did.

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I no longer have downloads available of most of my old pony songs. I have a free rar file available which contains almost every pony song I made in .mp3 format (as many as I have now!) I hope this pleases you: www.mediafire com/download/mbmo9b921d2k614/jbponysongs.rar

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- bandcamp: jsburgh.bandcamp.com
- twitter: www.twitter.com/jsburgh
- personal blog: jsburgh.tumblr.com/

★ lyrics ★
Hey Rarity, what's with all the big ass hats?
Nopony gives a fuck, not even your cat
It was fine when it was just a small beret
But the hats got bigger and they're here to stay
You might have noticed nopony ever came into the boutique
Saying that a big-ass hat is what they seek

Nopony gives a fuck 'bout your big ass hats
I know fashion's your thing but we should have a chat
I've been measuring, observing the mean size of your headwear
I made myself a little graph, and it's quite the scare

Over the past two years your mean hat size has increased exponentially
And if the exponential growth continues, you're hat'll be

ONE BIG ASS HAT (bigger than a huge rat)
ONE BIG ASS HAT (it honestly looks like a piece of tat)
ONE BIG ASS HAT (if it fell on pip, then he'd go splat)
ONE BIG ASS HAT (shoulda just gone with a brim that's flat)


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