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Title: I Will Always Miss Us - Jeff Burgess (ft. Eilemonty)

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When we met you conquered me
I was alone
And I had built in my retreat
A wall of stone
And I never had the chance to say
Why I felt I was right at home

There was comfort in my cage
The sun shined through
You taught me how to quell my rage
How to stay cool
And I never thought I'd see a day
When I was without you

But things can't be the same
There's no one to blame
We sang "and so it goes"
And so from here, who knows?

Do you believe in magic?
I find you so tragic
Love turned into stardust
Or have I gone the farthest?

I will always miss us

I chose myself an avatar
Of equine form
I chose to be a shining star
Inside a storm
But I never meant to find a way
Where I was lost to broken hearts

What have I become?
I've frozen to the core
Why can't I find
A place that's mine?

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