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Title: Discord (Live Bronycon 2013) - Jeff & The Bad Mares

Video Description

★ check the description ★

Live cover of Eurobeat's "Discord" I did with friends at Bronypalooza 2013 in Baltimore. Did a bit of tweaking on the video because the stream's recorded audio was a bit meh. Fun fact, this version of "Discord" was gonna be my 1000 subs special, but I never got the drum track finished.

★ The Bad Mares ★
- Vocals/Guitar Me
- Bass: Tarby (www.youtube.com/TarbyR...
- Piano: Joaftheloaf (www.youtube.com/joafth...
- Drums: MysteriousBronie (www.youtube.com/myster...

Featuring bits of:
"Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath
"Discord" by Eurobeat Brony
"Rainbow Factory" by Wooden Toaster

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