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Title: Drunker (Than Ever Before)

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It's a four hour drive to Bronycon
And Rockstar is keeping me alive
The guy next to me
Is drawing clop of my OC
There is nothing like that four hour drive

It's a ten minute walk to the hotel room
And I'm not sure if I know the way
But the flask at my side
Keeps me warm summer nights
I know that I'm gonna make it okay

I woke up in bed with my best friend
At least I didn't sleep on the floor
Now it's only night one
And the fun's just begun
I'm getting drunker than I ever have before
Oh, I'm getting drunker than I ever have before

Oh life could be a dream
If I could take you up to paradise up above
If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life would be a dream
But there is no such paradise
Sh-boom, we're never meeting again

I stood face to face with a tombstone
But at least I didn't get my stomach pumped
But the friend who went to bed
On the dance floor's not dead
He's just lucky that we weren't allowed to jump

And they never gave him a hospital bill
Or a bill for feathered shoes that she wore
That's proof being from out-of-state
Makes bureaucracy great
It's night two, I'm getting drunker than before
Oh, I'm getting drunker than I ever have before

So let's drink til we drink out of bottles
And let's run til we're drunk off the floor
Drink to good times and friends
Drink to sadness that ends
Drink to drunker than you've ever drunk before

Drink to ponies and booze
Drink to sleeping in your shoes
Drinking to drinking than you've ever drink before

'Cause if you haven't seen your friends at their worst
Then they're probably not your friends at all

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