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Title: SWINGA DA PLOT - Jeff Burgess

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My new album "Horse Friend" is now available!!! jsburgh.bandcamp.com/a...

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After months, I have finally composed a Pinkie Pie song. Sort of. There's not much Brony swing/big band so I felt like I'd fix that.

★ download ★
I no longer have downloads available of most of my old pony songs. I have a free rar file available which contains almost every pony song I made in .mp3 format (as many as I have now!) I hope this pleases you: www.mediafire com/download/mbmo9b921d2k614/jbponysongs.rar

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- bandcamp: jsburgh.bandcamp.com
- twitter: www.twitter.com/jsburgh
- personal blog: jsburgh.tumblr.com/

★ lyrics ★
When you walk down the streets of Ponyville, filly
Watch your tail shake, and like you, I get silly
You're as sweet as candy and I'm taking a bite
Will it taste like pinkie pie or turkish delight?! Alright!

Lips caramelized and they're mine for the tasting
Timer's set for the pies, and that times for the wasting
Trot around the kitchen and I'll watch from the den
Or put back on your apron--we'll get cooking again!

SWINGA DA PLOT is the move that gets my attention!
Gets me into that equine convention
SWINGA DA PLOT is the move that keeps me falling in love

SWINGA DA PLOT is the move that grabs me and holds me
I'm hot as sugar and you've gotta mold me
SWINGA DA PLOT Careful, filly, I'm hot! You might need a glove!

You're soft to the touch, and you're mane's cotton candy
If the sugar's too much, pincha salt comes in handy
Can I get your recipe, and are you a la carte?
Mix lollipops with laughter and a smile for a start

SWINGA DA PLOT is my single most favorite confection
Put on an oven mitt -- I need protection
SWINGA DA PLOT it's the candy I just can't stop thinking of

SWINGA DA PLOT spread the eggs, laying down on the counter
Baking's a science, so I'll exact amount her
SWINGA DA PLOT to heat a muffin is a labor of love

The pie just for me, I'm in a baker's heaven
You're a dozen for free, but without me you're eleven
Let's beat the eggs together, it'll all be alright
And if they're being naughty we can beat 'em tonight

The ingredients are you and me
A special liquid will mix in between
It's the flour that keeps us from breaking apart

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