I thought I should upload this xD. we never got around to doing what we wanted.
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( Ignore spelling mistakes on my part xD, my lyrics are always shoddy"

( TheDumplingz )
yeah sickness your name really describes youselth
cus by the time i'm done with you, you will be in critical health
you said i was a pussy? yeah, your probably right
but that still do sen't mean i can't put up a fight

oh you try to act tough with your little cigarete
Smoking dosen't make you cool, it just makes you dead
ha you think your mane is neet, showing it off all the time
i know your little secret sickness, your bald its all a lie.

And even if it wasen't a wig, how did it get that way?
i bet you only take a shower eveery couple hundred days
Also you said clopped since you came out of the womb?
i bet your gonna clop untill i delvier you to your tomb

thats sorta disguitng bro i have to admit
but i think you might have some weird messed up mental shit
now look at youself, you where a born a disguiting child
now goodbey sickness i'm sending you back into the wild

( Sickness )

Oh look at Pipsqueak, trying to fit into the big boy shoes
Well son, I'm afraid your biting off a bit more than you can chew
Cats took it easy on you, but by the time I'm through
They'll be using dental records to identify you

You think I'm fucked head, that there might be something wrong with me?
No shit, I make cupcakes look like a comedy
And I hope put up a fight, cause I like my victims feisty
Hold you down under the bathtub while I'm sippin on this ice tea

Why ice tea? The coffee that I'm making's still brewin
Play Tombstone loud so the household doesn't hear what I'm doin
Then I'll dress like an Indian and throw my own little teaparty
Scream like a lunatic and molest your whole fuckin' family

( Sickness )

And my mane, oh yeah, you just had to go there
You can tell a guy's desperate when he brings up hair

( TheDumplingz )

Your think your mane is better than everyone else your a hairist?
no wait, thats not a word, is should say your a narcissist

( Sickness )
Well it's kind of hard to not be when you look this pretty
I think you're jealous 'cause your birdnest of a hairstyle's shitty

( TheDumplingz )
yes i do complement your very nice topee
how long did it take you to make that? a couple of days?

( Sickness )
Shut the fuck up Pip, it's obvious you're just stalling
Yeah you had a good run Starboy, but now you're just falling

( TheDumplingz )
I inspiried you sickness if it weren't for me you would be nothing
i think that mane might me compensating for something

( Sickness )
Kid, I think you're starting to develop a fixation
If all you have to rap about's my hair and compensation

( TheDumplingz )
oh don't worry sickness i have much more to say
like how instead of visitng family you play minecraft all day

( Sickness )
What's wrong Pip? You promised me a fight, I'm still waiting.
I've gotten more of a struggle from my dick masturbating.

sickness, do you know why i ain't doing much?
its because your so worthless you don't even desearve a punch