This was a collab between me and Spoon, which actually turned out really well in my opinion. He's a pretty cool dude. and WMM ruined quality :/
Music made by me, rap was written and performed by him.
Art was done by Aaron.
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Acapella for remixing!
Piano MIDI coming soon!

Locked up for A thousand years
Hated and despised by your own peers
Tears fall down as you think about Strife
Oh how easy it would be to end another life.

Still recognized as a Being of the night
They bow down you inflict your own fright
Try to fit in It's always been hard
And you get barred by those Looks of Discard

Control the Stars At the level of a god
Give me a nod to be a part of your squad
Enough damn bars to build me a dark prison
Arisen and Imprisoned But she came back, risen

Aggression builds as you Form your depression
Thinking of Confession When you make your impression
Damn obsession for you to be accepted
But you're new to this and you don't do what's expected

Forgiven those who put you in this position
Piled up the years now you're out of Commission
Through all the pain you still contribute
Try but it don't help But still you constitute

Oh Luna, its another Night like this
Its one of those things I will never miss
To kiss me with, the rays of your moon
So that the dark sky can once again bloom

Fully enraged, as you step up to the stage
Finally free of those shackles in the cage
And as much as you want to strike back
And give them a crack and show them your attack

Think about all those hard times you've had
Your face went pasty and you got a little mad
Yes, you were bad, but don't think you're hated
Yes, you waited but a new you was created.

So when those moist tears form in your eye
Think about how you won't ever say goodbye
Again because you're not the nightmare
You're that aware mare, so don't think about despair.