First uploaded here:
There's a song for it too! :D fractilx - Chickenjack ( )

One of the most requested things on the stream chats I was in. Just for your info, I lost my sleep over this. Now I'm starting to feel sick. The lip sync isn't perfect, and the transitions aren't even that good. :') What is life.

So yeah. This was bound to happen. :P I understand that there are a few others making one as well, but I decided to tackle this one too. :) Maybe theirs will be way better. (If you do happen to stumble upon any of them, don't hesitate to link them in the comments.)

Also, yes. That face on the steam gauge is becoming quite the thing around Derpibooru as of now. This is my really shoddy attempt to include it in here (with extra Sonata as well~).

Please note that this whole "I'm gonna try cranking something out from yesterday's episode within a day" business is TEMPORARY. I really want to get back to uploading all the videos I promised to upload from various conventions. (Especially Shawn from BUCK 2016. That was good. :D)


Clip taken from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Season 6 Episode 10 (Applejack's Day Off)

Original song is "Techno Chicken". One of the uploads for it can be found here: