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Year: 2037. The Equestrian Defense force has had three "Red Alerts" in the past year from several sources of threat. Such an anomaly is surely to do with the increase in foreign technology being used against us. It's time to put a stop to theirs using some of our own.

Introducing W.I.T.S (Wonderbolts Interactive Training System) an aerodynamic flight helmet with the latest in pony tech. Equipped with a HUD, voice recognition, gyroscope and multiple motion sensors, this fine piece of kit will give the PipBuck a run for it's money. Designed to run alongside the Wonderbolts Academy's trademark S.P.A.M - four tests consisting of Speed, Power, Agility and Marathon - the W.I.T.S claims to increase academy graduation rates by 50% and enhance trainee awareness and skill by 30%.


So i'd just like to put it out there that I wrote this in a week. My ears hurt.
This was fun. Like…..really fun. I can't remember the last time i set out to write ABOUT something…rather than just write whatever popped into my head. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Lots of new ideas here but I'm safe to say this is the last time I will ever be using ES2. Don't get me wrong, it's powerful, but it distorts a couple voices when i open the project (and only when i open it) it won't stop being really boomy or resonant where i don't want it to be and it won't do what i want it to do half the time. I will start using things like Harmor, Absynthe and FM8 instead.

Have fun with "Power". Punch the sky if you haven't already been knocked down.

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released 02 February 2015

Thanks to people on freesound i think because i might have used sounds from freesound if i havent then no thanks