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Someone asked for a little Pink Floyd, so we thought we would give it to you, This is the story of Celestia, centuries after the fall of her sister to the clutches of Nightmare Moon.

Lyrics provided by Caerdwyn once more

Mediafire Download:

Sisters lament by davidlc

Princess Luna Wallpaper by aguantegrimtales

For the night by giuliabeck

Luna mighty fine vector by foxtail8000

Celestia and Luna by rizcifra

Celestia and Luna wallpaper by otterlore

Give forgiveness a chance by famosity

(cf. "Wish You Were Here", Pink Floyd)

So, so you thought you would rule
The stars were your tools
Blue skies now grey
Can you tell a night breeze
From the sky that you'd seize
Did your heart freeze?
What did you pay to rule?

Did she get you to trade
Your sister for hate?
Your ponies for tears?
Love for darkness and fear?
Why are we estranged?
Did she make you change
The Luna that I loved
Into a creature of rage?

How I miss, how I miss you my dear
Separated too soon, now comes Nightmare Moon
For a thousand years
Flying over the same pale sky
Tell me why? So many tears...
Wish you were here.