Your spells take hold of me,
And I smile every time I see your face
Underneath my skin, my heart has stirred

You sell just what I need
And each time you tenderly embrace me,
I shiver with your every word

But I don't know what you want me to say
The feeling grows when you look my way
And I can't shake it, even if I try

And I don't know what I've gotta do
I've lost my mind cause I'm falling for you
I'm fascinated, and I wonder why

You pick me up, you put me down,
Just leave me be cause you spin me around
Oh baby, I can't take no more

Baby, please don't tease me,
My heart's breakin' and I'm feeling so low
I'm captivated and I only think about you

So if you wanna reach me
I'm here waiting, and I'm always ready to go
Now, you hold the key to make my dreams come true

Art credit: Twigileia (
Typography: owlet57 (